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Powering the Future of Interactive Sports and Entertainment

Apply Now for a Grant from the Control Protocol Foundation

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About the Fund

The Control Protocol is proud to announce a fund dedicated to supporting new leagues and ventures aligned with our vision. This fund provides aspiring individuals and innovative projects with a CTRL Token grant that can be used to bring their interactive sports and entertainment ideas to life.

Apply today and be a part of the next wave of transformative experiences.

About Fund

We provide the infrastructure, you provide the ideas.

Using our admin tools, you can customize content that your users will be able to interact with. Integrate your experience to the Control App using our developer APIs.

  • CheckDAO infrastructure
  • CheckDeveloper APIs
  • CheckAdmin Tools
  • CheckIntegration into the Control App
  • CheckOn-chain rewards and voting mechanisms

Apply for a Grant

Express Your Interest

Click the link below to access the application form and express your interest in the Control Protocol Fund. Provide us with your details, including your name, email address, and a brief summary of your project or league proposal.

Apply Now

Please note that the Control Protocol Fund is limited, and not all applications may receive funding. Our team will review each proposal thoroughly and notify applicants of the outcome.

Shoot your Shot

Describe your innovative project or league concept, highlighting how it aligns with the Control Protocol's mission. Share your vision, goals, and the impact you aim to make in the interactive sports and entertainment landscape.

Submit Your Application

Submit your completed application form for consideration by our expert team. We will carefully review each proposal and evaluate its alignment with our objectives, potential for growth, and the overall value it brings to the Control Protocol ecosystem.

Empowering Visionaries

Empowering Visionaries

We foster an open and collaborative environment where fans are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and innovations to shape the future of fan-controlled sports and entertainment.


Please note that these criteria are designed to accommodate projects of different scales and encourage innovation at both smaller and larger levels. The Control Protocol Fund aims to support a diverse range of initiatives and provide opportunities for innovation and growth, regardless of the grant size.

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  • Alignment with Control Protocol's Vision

    The project or venture should align with the core values and objectives of the Control Protocol, aiming to revolutionize interactive sports and entertainment experiences.

  • Innovation and Creativity

    The proposal should demonstrate innovative ideas, concepts, or technologies that have the potential to reshape the industry and offer unique, engaging experiences for fans.

  • Sustainability and Scalability

    Projects should have a clear plan for long-term sustainability and scalability, showcasing their potential to grow and adapt in the dynamic landscape of interactive sports and entertainment.

  • Team and Expertise

    Applicants should have a capable and dedicated team with relevant expertise and experience in the sports and entertainment industry, demonstrating their ability to execute the proposed project successfully.

  • Market Potential and Viability

    The proposal should demonstrate market potential and a clear understanding of the target audience, showcasing how the project will attract and engage fans, drive revenue, and create a sustainable business model.

  • Impact and Social Value

    Projects that have a positive impact on the community, promote inclusivity, diversity, and contribute to social causes within the sports and entertainment industry will be given priority.