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Turning Sports Into Interactive, Video Game-like Experiences With Fans in Control

Blending the physical and digital worlds and blurring the lines between spectator and participant.

Backed by

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Fan controlled football

FCF is a groundbreaking professional indoor football league that revolutionized the sports industry by giving fans complete control over team decisions. Through its first two seasons the FCF has garnered tremendous viewership, with over 30 million fans tuning in to watch the games, draft the players and call the plays live.


FCH is redefining the basketball experience by combining fan participation with a dynamic interactive LED court that creates a real-life video game experience. Fans play an integral role in real-time decision-making, from substitutions to lighting up zones and players to earn their team more points during every live game. Key brand sponsors and partners that are helping to launch FCH will soon be announced.

Fulbo Galaxy

Fulbo is a pioneer in web3 game development who is integrating the Control Protocol to their existing and future web3 games to support fan rewards and promote a more collaborative gameplay experience.

fan controlled GOLF

Developed with the PGA Tour and NBC Golf Channel, FCG empowers fans to actively participate in pro golf matches by voting on critical decisions such as shot selections, club choices, and power ups. FCG embraces immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to enhance the viewing experience, bringing fans closer to the fairways and creating unforgettable moments of engagement between professional golfers and their supporters.


FCR brings an unprecedented level of fan engagement to the world of Auto Racing. The initial launch has been developed with NASCAR and allows fans have the power to influence critical race decisions, such as car setups, pit strategies, and even driver maneuvers, creating an immersive and interactive racing experience that truly puts the fans in the driver's seat that can extend to auto racing properties and teams around the world.


Developed with the National Thoroughbred League, FCS gives power to the fans to help call the shots for NTL teams. Fans will have the power to select jockeys, draft horses and make picks on who will win the race. $CTRL Token holders can earn perks at NTL’s amazing live events, such as VIP tickets and track access.

We envision a future filled with an array of fan-controlled sports leagues, each offering a unique and immersive experience.


Diversify Sports Offering

Go beyond traditional team sports and explore individual sports, emerging sports, and even non-traditional athletic activities. From fan-controlled golf leagues to fan-controlled esports competitions, the possibilities are endless.


Global Expansion

We strive to bring the power of fan participation to every corner of the world. Through partnerships with sports leagues, teams, and athletes on a global scale, we aim to create an interconnected network of fan-controlled sports leagues that transcends borders and unites fans from diverse backgrounds.


Embracing Emerging Technologies

We embrace cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) into our leagues to provide a fully immersive fan experience.

Community-Driven Innovation

Community-Driven Innovation

We foster an open and collaborative environment where fans are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and innovations to shape the future of fan-controlled sports and entertainment. Have an idea for a league?