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Powering the Future of Interactive Sports

The Control Protocol transforms traditional live sports into real-life video games by adding a layer of real-time interactivity that puts fans in control of the action!

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Fans are in CTRL

At the core of Control Protocol's innovation is the $CTRL token, a token designed to drive engagement and create a new, interactive sports ecosystem for the next generation of fans. This fungible token is the linchpin for a transformative fan experience, incentivizing active participation and content creation.

$CTRL fosters a collaborative environment where fans, teams, and leagues co-create the sports narrative, cementing fan involvement in governance and strategic decisions. By embedding the $CTRL token into the fan experience, Control Protocol creates a fan-centric model that rewards every member's contribution to the new, interactive tapestry of modern sports.

Multi-tiered DAO Economy

League DAOs are composed of individual Team DAOs, which are powered by their fans that hold $CTRL token.

Karate Combat is a fantastic example of a league DAO, but it’s also a single league ecosystem. Imagine a sports ecosystem with leagues interconnected via a shared protocol, where fans can seamlessly move from sport to sport, all controlled by top fans and powered by a shared token. This multi-tiered approach allows for dynamic team level economies, creating an inclusive community that is driving the interactive future of sports and entertainment.

The CTRL token is the lifeblood of the Control Protocol, powering its decentralized ecosystem of governance and rewards across sports.

As a fungible cryptocurrency, the CTRL token incentivizes participation, enables collaboration, and drives value back to fans, teams, and league.

Participation is rewarded through increased voting power for the fans that help lead their teams on the path to successful competition.

The Control Protocol is a decentralized solution that allows sports leagues, teams and their fans to engage globally and not be bound by traditional geographic borders.

Team-Based Reward Pools

Each League has a reward pool that is first distributed to its Teams and then to each Team’s fans. Engaged fans have their contributions rewarded for doing their part in driving their team to victory.

The Kick Off

Fan Controlled Football (FCF) is the first showcase of the Control Protocol's capabilities, marking a new era in pro sports. Attracting over 30 million live viewers in just two seasons, FCF demonstrates how integrating Control Protocol can revolutionize fan engagement. This innovative approach allows fans to directly decide their team's name and logo, player selection, and in-game strategies including real-time play calling, effectively bringing the interactive excitement of video gaming to America's favorite sport. This successful implementation is the showcase for the transformative potential of Control Protocol in enhancing the sports viewing experience.

The FCF empowers its fans to design their team’s logo and jerseys, draft their players and select the plays that their team then runs on the field during the live games.

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CTRL is Going Global

The Control Protocol is currently being implemented worldwide, revolutionizing a range of sports including basketball, cricket, golf, auto racing, soccer, and baseball. It's leading the transition to an interactive future in sports, enabling top teams and leagues to embrace this new era of real-time fan participation.